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We all use and enjoy our bikes in different ways, but what we can all agree on is that however we do use them, they are a great method of disconnecting from the pressures of the day-to-day routine, even for just a moment.

The range of 2022 Mondraker ebikes utilise the latest, upgraded and market leading Bosch motors and Bosch Smart Systems to help you connect with your e-bike and disconnect from the daily grind.

Drive Unit Performance Line CX

1. Power on the hill

The maximum torque of 85 Nm has a noticeable effect on your riding behaviour when eMountain biking. The powerful motor enables rapid acceleration after tight turns and obstacles at a low cadence and facilitates starting up on the steepest of hills. For fast sprints, the motor also supports you at high cadence.

2. Intuitive handling

A mode for more focus: Specially designed for sporty use, eMTB mode offers you optimum control and intuitive handling, as you need to switch less between the different riding modes. With this clever function of the eMTB mode, technical sections can be mastered with confidence and obstacles such as root systems and rock gardens can be overcome by applying targeted pedal pressure with the Extended Boost. 

3. Maximum agility

The multi-sensor concept allows for controlled and agile riding, even on technically demanding trails. Combined with the innovative Bosch motor control, it offers the very best in dynamics and the highest level of sensitivity.

4. Sporty and economical

Sporty riding on a trekking bike or eMTB: The Tour+ mode of the Performance Line CX allows riders to focus purely on riding enjoyment. It eliminates the need to manually switch between riding modes and saves energy by increasing rider input. 

5. A personal riding experience

To ensure that the eBike’s handling characteristics suit your riding style or the selected route, the available riding modes can be customised using the eBike Flow app. The level of the support, dynamics, maximum speed and maximum torque of the drive can thus be flexibly adjusted to your personal needs and preferences. Intensive training or extended eBike ride.

Bosch CX GEN4 motor

750Wh Smart System battery
New wireless control unit

PowerTube 750

The biggest capacity PowerTube for extended and challenging rides!

1. Maximum range

The PowerTube 750 makes it easy to conquer long distances and significant variations in altitude. The durable power source enables approx. 20% greater range than the PowerTube 625 and is ideal for extended and challenging rides.

2. Elegant eBike design 

Like all Bosch PowerTubes, the PowerTube 750 is perfectly integrated into the frame of the eBike. An appealing eBike design and high capacity make for an uncompromising combination.

3. Reliable power source

High safety standards Enormous mileage, long service life, reliable handling — the lithium-ion battery is equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS) that protects the battery cells from overload.


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Freestyle Ambassador Programme Application Form

Welcome to the Freestyle Ambassador programme for 2022! We love to support local riders, racing is more than just a hobby, it’s a passion, a lifestyle, a dream!

Freestyle Ambassador Programme

Welcome to the Freestyle Ambassador programme for 2022! We love to support local riders, racing is more than just a hobby, it’s a passion, a lifestyle, a dream! Whether you are an experienced rider, working during the week to get yourself onto that start line at the weekends, or a young rising star at the start of your journey to the top, we are here to help.

The Freestyle ambassador programme offers up to ten riders per year the chance to join our team and get access to a wealth of knowledge and experience alongside in store discounts, invites to events, rider training opportunities, the exclusive Freestyle graphics for your bike and kit and much more.

The amount of support you will receive is very much down to you… Think, how can you help us? Being a sponsored rider these days is not as simple as putting a sticker on your bike and getting free stuff. Personality, character and enthusiasm are just as important as race results and a good social media presence is easily equal to having a presence in the race paddock. Can you bring customers into our showrooms? Can you increase our online presence? Can you fly the Freestyle flag in a positive light? If you think the answer to these questions is yes or even if you think that you would like to give it your best efforts and find out, then the Freestyle ambassador programme could just be for you.

All selected riders will receive:

  • Freestyle race team graphics for their bike.
  • Free kit printing with the Freestyle branding.
  • 10% off selected clothing, parts and accessories in store.
  • Invite to annual Freestyle staff and rider fun days and team building events.
  • Limited access to rider training with Freestyle Training and our full time sponsored riders.
  • Direct contacts for technical support and bike set up advice.
  • The exclusive Freestyle Athlete baseball cap.

The support is not limited there but it’s in your hands… Previous ambassadors have proved themselves and stepped up to become full sponsored riders!

Examples of what previous ambassadors have done for us:

  • Detailed race reports with photos.
  • Increase our social media following by tagging Freestyle in posts, stories etc.
  • Talk to people in the paddock, tell them about Freestyle, hand out limited discount vouchers with your exclusive rider code.
  • Support our events by attending our monthly bike nights and practice days. Why not bring your bike along to show it off.
  • If you have contacts that are looking for bikes, clothing, training, parts then send them in to see us.
  • Use your imagination!

Again this opportunity is for rising stars and weekend warriors alike! Even if you never thought you would be sponsored but love your racing and could use some extra support then this could be for you.

To apply please start your application below.