GPX Moto… An enduro bike for under 5K! We had to take a look!

Freestyle had a welcome visit from James Brown of GPX Moto on Wednesday to be shown around the new GPX TSE 250 R.

James contacted us last week to discuss GPX. He has become the UK importer of these exceedingly good value machines, USA designed, and Chinese made GPX are coming to the UK with a simple ethos “Provide high quality motorsports products at the most reasonable prices! You don’t have to sacrifice high quality for a lower price point, you can have both!” A bold statement!

Well, they certainly have the price point right! £4,950 for a road legal enduro bike… Amazing!

TSE 250 R

The engine is a 224cc 2 stroke based upon the WR250 and manufactured under licence from Yamaha. You get an electric start with a kick start back up, sump guard, frame protection and radiator fan as standard. Along with a host of other bling parts that wouldn’t look out of place on a bike twice the price.

Suspension comes from Chinese company SZC and bares a resemblance to WP. Twin piston calliper powerful hydraulic brakes front and rear provide the stopping power needed and you get LED headlight indicators, stop light and a digital dash display.

Now we can all read the spec of a bike online but you have to ride it to really see what’s what! Luckily James was able to facilitate this for us and brought over his own GPX TSE 250 R for us to try. We headed down to the Freestyle Training enduro practice ground to put it through its paces.

First impressions were great, the bike was easy to ride and with a slightly lower seat height it was a easily manageable for our more vertically challenged employees (Holly!) You could feel a slight lack in power compared to say a Husqvarna TE250i, however the TSE 250 R still pulled smoothly and strongly.

Watch the GPXTSE 250 R in action at the Freestyle Practice Ground

It feels more confidence inspiring to the less experienced off-road rider, or even more experienced riders, who can have a tendency to over bike themselves. Initially Managing Director Colin wasn’t impressed with the front suspension however James soon addressed this by dialling in some more rebound on the fully adjustable SZC forks. (Turns out the forks had been left fully open after a demonstration of the adjustment in the shop.) Once dialled back to race settings the bike changed completely, it tracked smoothly and confidently, and you could push the front wheel into corners increasingly harder and harder as you got used to the bike. Traction was impressive given the slippery conditions, (potentially helped by the slightly less aggressive power output.) and the slow speed trials style riding was a breeze thanks to impressive bottom end performance.

So, after we had all had a good thrash, everyone sat back somewhat in surprise. To be honest, I don’t think that any of us had expected the bike to be as good as it was. Yes, there were some minor things that potentially could do with some adjustment, rear brake and gear lever position amongst them, but on the whole it really is a very good bike!

Reliability will be a major factor on everyone’s minds with the GPX and obviously in a couple of hours of riding we were unable to test this. To put your minds at ease though, this exact bike has been being sold in the USA for three years with over 800 units sold and no generic issues have been uncovered. That along with the fact that importer James Brown is providing a six month parts warranty on all bikes starts to give us some real confidence in the GPX brand. They even have a 100% stock of all spare parts readily available in the UK. James himself has a gruelling race schedule planned on his personal TSE 250R which should test the bikes components to the limit, and we can’t wait to see how he gets on.

Our experience looking around and riding the GPX, along with the fact that a more Race focused TSE 300 R will be made available early next yea, we were sold. Add to this, the fact that GPX will be releasing a range of four strokes including the highly anticipated RSE 450R Rally (with 5000 mile service intervals, possibly the bike adventure bike riders are crying out for) in 2022 means that we are happy to announce we are bringing GPX and James onboard at Freestyle and becoming GPX dealers. Our first bikes will be with us towards the end of February 2022 and will include a demo bike for try outs!

RSE 450R Rally

Numbers initially will be limited, so register your interest with us now below if you are keen to find out more about these awesome value fun machines!

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Welcome to the Freestyle Ambassador programme for 2022! We love to support local riders, racing is more than just a hobby, it’s a passion, a lifestyle, a dream!

Freestyle Ambassador Programme

Welcome to the Freestyle Ambassador programme for 2022! We love to support local riders, racing is more than just a hobby, it’s a passion, a lifestyle, a dream! Whether you are an experienced rider, working during the week to get yourself onto that start line at the weekends, or a young rising star at the start of your journey to the top, we are here to help.

The Freestyle ambassador programme offers up to ten riders per year the chance to join our team and get access to a wealth of knowledge and experience alongside in store discounts, invites to events, rider training opportunities, the exclusive Freestyle graphics for your bike and kit and much more.

The amount of support you will receive is very much down to you… Think, how can you help us? Being a sponsored rider these days is not as simple as putting a sticker on your bike and getting free stuff. Personality, character and enthusiasm are just as important as race results and a good social media presence is easily equal to having a presence in the race paddock. Can you bring customers into our showrooms? Can you increase our online presence? Can you fly the Freestyle flag in a positive light? If you think the answer to these questions is yes or even if you think that you would like to give it your best efforts and find out, then the Freestyle ambassador programme could just be for you.

All selected riders will receive:

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  • The exclusive Freestyle Athlete baseball cap.

The support is not limited there but it’s in your hands… Previous ambassadors have proved themselves and stepped up to become full sponsored riders!

Examples of what previous ambassadors have done for us:

  • Detailed race reports with photos.
  • Increase our social media following by tagging Freestyle in posts, stories etc.
  • Talk to people in the paddock, tell them about Freestyle, hand out limited discount vouchers with your exclusive rider code.
  • Support our events by attending our monthly bike nights and practice days. Why not bring your bike along to show it off.
  • If you have contacts that are looking for bikes, clothing, training, parts then send them in to see us.
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Again this opportunity is for rising stars and weekend warriors alike! Even if you never thought you would be sponsored but love your racing and could use some extra support then this could be for you.

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